When To Give Your Dog Their Dog Treats?

Dog treats are extremely important when you have a dog. Believe it or not, it can be a good asset assuming that it's given at the right time. If you find it hard that your canine isn't listening or following you even after the treat, then there's probably something wrong with your reason or timing. To help you practice correct time of giving treats to your dog, here are few guidelines that could solve your confusion and at the same time, aid you in giving the treat effortlessly with positive results.

Giving dog treats in between meal is the most ideal actually. Keep in mind to not include the treat together with your dog food. Try find the taste and liking of your pooch and buy a treat that your dog enjoys. It is helpful as well when you're doing dog training. In addition to that, your treat won't work as encouraging tool if you are going to give it to your dog immediately after meal. For this reason, make sure to only give it in between meals and not before or after it.

Among the best techniques for giving treats is holding it to your hand between the thumb and first two fingers. Then after, let your dog to sniff through it in order for them to find it's there. The golden rule here is, first nose, then follows the mouth and ears. Starting with the dog's nose, it is a highly rewarding experience as you're appealing to their most important part of the brain, click now !

Not only that, as your dog sniffs and get interested to their treat, lift the treat above their nose slowly and gradually move it over their head and slightly back towards shoulders. Your goal here is making your dog sit on their butt, lower the shoulders back and then, lift their head up. Slowly and easily, lift the treat so by that, your dog's nose will follow it in your hand. When your dog for instance jump on your hand, take it away.  Read https://www.reference.com/pets-animals/good-brands-dog-food-2041266722da5c46 to learn more about dog treats.

For the second time, have your treat closer to their head. By the time your pooch started following the treat with her eyes and nose along with putting its butt on the floor, say sit and slowly and calmly give the treat. Say it softly to not disturb them and remember to avoid making your pet overexcited as it might lose the lesson, click here to know more!